Cheap removal service! I would recommend Clerkenwell Removal Services!

  • W. Edge

Clerkenwell Removal Companies did a great job at helping me relocate to my new office. Their office removal teams were friendly but still worked very hard to move everything effectively. It was much less stressful than I'd thought because the team were just so professional! I'm very thankful!

  • Rachel P.

I was thrilled with Clerkenwell Removal Companies when they did my packing and unpacking when moving workplace. The staff members were brilliant and soon got everything packed up securely for the move. Then at my new workshop it was all unpacked and placed safely where we wanted it.

  • Sherrie

I had a small office that I was moving from to upgrade to a better location for easier access for my clients. I was very worried about the disruption to my business and calculated a week out of work. I decided to hire Clerkenwell Removal Companies to help me. There were no breakages at all, and they actually managed to do the work in one day so my business was hardly affected. I am so happy with this incredible service!

  • Dan Westwood

I have a rare CD collection that I have bought from countries all around the world. These CDs are very valuable and mean a lot to me. When I decided to move house, my first concern was how I would transport these without them getting damaged. ClerkenwellRemovals was able to supply me with enough bubble wrap and protective materials to keep everything safe and sound during the move. They had excellent moving services and friendly customer service team members.

  • Cathy R.

Don't you have much cash to spare for removals? Well, I didn't either. In fact, I was on a really tight budget and didn't have much spare money at all. If you are the same, I definitely recommend using ClerkenwellRemovals's removal services. They are amazing and definitely worth the money. I use them time and time again now whenever I need removals. And they are always spot on every single time. I couldn't be happier! So if you do need first class services, I certainly recommend this company!

  • Harry Walker

My limited budget made me think I was never going to be able to afford to move to my new home! But then I rang up ClerkenwellRemovals and one of their lovely customer service members of staff informed me of their van rental service, which was well within my budget! It's thanks to this removals firm that I was able to finally get on with my relocation and still have some money left to spare, which I used to fix up my new kitchen!

  • David A.

You can not underestimate the importance of an international removals company for a move abroad. I never thought that there would be so much to sort out in a million years, but we had ClerkenwellRemovals on side, and they got it all done for us, which was a massive relief. I can safely say that the move would have been a nightmare was it not for ClerkenwellRemovals and their help, so all thanks and recommendation goes to them and their amazing staff, we really are so appreciative!

  • John Kelly