Save The Forests, One Home Removal At A Time

If you're clearing out your house or office you may be concerned with the sheer amount of wastage and unwanted items you'll be sending back into the world. You may be gaining the satisfaction of clearing out your home or work space from the stress of clutter, but what about burdening the environment with your unwanted items? Everyone is becoming more and more aware of our impact on the environment, so it’s understandable that home owners and businesses are take more responsibility for their waste. Removals these days have also changed for the better, and it's often highly rewarding to hear the measures most removals companies have taken become echo-friendly and environmentally concerned organisations. They're often called 'Green Removals' and here's a clearer idea of what they can do.Vehicle EmissionsOne key issue can be the removal vehicles themselves. Long journeys carrying heavy items by large trucks or vans can guzzle gas and produce excessive fumes. That is why some removal companies will do their best to minimise their journeys when transporting your unwanted items. Some companies even take the time to plan routes that are far more efficient to reduce their carbon output. Often smaller vans are Liquid Petroleum Gas-powered (LPG) vehicles, which is instead of the traditional diesel. Some companies even use hybrid vehicles and advertise this on their websites. If you're unsure of what a company does and are concerned, simply get in touch to ask them. If they care about the environment, they should be happy to explain their green policies. Separating recyclable itemsRemoval companies will also work hard to separate out items that can be recycled. Many companies can bundle and shred paper and cardboard in large amounts. They then use Baling machines to compact the card and paper before recycling. They'll also do their best to separate other recyclable materials and ensure they are delivered to the best facilities, including glass, certain plastics, cans and wood. Most companies will have details on their website about what they separate out for recycling and what they can't.Reconditioning and Selling onOften pieces of unwanted furniture can be rejuvenated to be used again. Some removals companies may do this themselves or pass them onto companies who can do this professionally. This can be applied to a surprisingly large range of furniture items including chairs, sofas, wardrobes, drawers and bed frames. You no longer really need to feel quite so guilty if you're disposing of large amounts of furniture. Removal companies are often very good at reusing as much as possible, so you can put your mind at ease!Minimal items going to the tipEven after all this, there may still be some items that cannot be reused or recycled. Companies are often keen to reduce this wastage as much as possible, but there will always inevitably be some left overs. Items that can decompose will of course do so in time and when added to a tip, these items help to allow other slower decomposables to do so also at a faster rate. Removal companies are working harder all the time to minimise complete waste products and to reduce their impact on the environment. Council and government schemes are also helping to encourage more recycling of unwanted furniture. By visiting a removal company's website, you'll often find a page titles 'Green removals' or 'Green Company'. This page will outline the company's green policies. Companies that don't list any details may still have some procedures in place, so don't be afraid to get in touch with them to enquire.