How To Move Smart: 6 Tips For Packing Your Possessions

There are many reasons for a home relocation. Whether you are moving to upsize the family home, downsize to a smaller place, or are moving away from your parents for the first time, there are many things to consider when moving house.Packing may seem like a daunting task. Have a look around your bedroom and admire all your possessions, belongings and memorabilia. Now try to imagine all that packed into boxes. And that is just one room of a home. Now, this article is here to allay any fears and panic moments you may have at the thought of this. With strategic planning, a hint of project management and big deep breaths, these 6 tips for packing will make the process of moving house much easier! 1.    De-clutterTake this opportunity to reinvigorate your life and take control of the clutter that used to make you feel so crammed. Rather than taking those unwanted goods with you – we all have a few dust-collectors that don’t really need to be there – organise a garage sale or donate these little trashes that could easily become someone else’s treasure. Doing this early on in the moving process will reduce your moving checklist and ensure that you are only bringing the absolute essentials or items with complete sentimental value. 2.    Create a checklistThe power of a list should never be underestimated – the organisational benefits will create a much more effective packing strategy. After the de-cluttering process, go to each room in your house and take a good look around. Now, pull out a trusty notepad and pen and write down the items that you see. Start with the items you can visibly see – these are the things that you use most regularly and should therefore be packed last. Working your way down the list, you’ll come to the hidden away items that don’t have such a high frequency use. When it comes to packing everything into boxes, start at the bottom of the list and pack these things away early. When the unpacking stage of the process commences, the items that you use most regularly will have been packed last, and therefore can be unpacked first.3.    Start packing earlyThe earlier you begin the process, the easier it will be on you in the long run. Start with the non-essentials, all those things that are hidden away for sentiments or sake or items such as glassware that are used only for special occasions. These can afford to be boxed up earlier than other things, and will make you feel much more productive. For larger, bulkier items such as additional furniture, it may be worth looking into removals and storage companies for short term storage.4.    Recycle and think smartWhilst you may need to purchase packing boxes from removals companies, there are ways you can recycle around the home. Bought any online packages or boxed items lately? Retain those boxes as they can be used to pack other items into. For padding fragile goods, use tea towels and newspaper to line the boxes. If you have a surplus of environmentally friendly shopping bags lying around, use these to pack items that aren’t at risk of being damaged. Use your pillowcases to fold bed linen and sheets into. Containers that you use to store biscuits and baked goods will serve perfectly to store baking utensils such as wooden spoons and measuring cups. 5.    Colour code rooms and label boxesOn your moving checklist, highlight each room with a colour. Use this same colour when labelling each box. Having this visual cue will make packing and unpacking much easier, especially when that frazzled brain feeling hits and you absent-mindedly put the toaster in the bathroom box! Think organised and feel strategic with these little tips to help you stay on track whilst packing your possessions for the big relocation.